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Privacy policy last updated June 11th, 2013

No Personal Data

InterNich LLC (parent owner of takes your privacy concerns seriously. At, we follow one simple rule: we do not require or ask for any personally identifiable information from you to use our website, unless you voluntarily participate in an optional exercise such as responding to a contest entry form in a contest that we may occasionally run, or make use of a 3rd-party (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, or Google+) social media feature which requires you to be logged into the respective service. Unlike other image-related websites, we will never ask for your e-mail address, name, mailing address, age, sex, race, or any other personal information in order to use our website.

Uploaded Images

Because of the nature of our image-resizing service, you are required to transmit to us your image(s) by way of uploading your image files to our servers. We always respect your privacy and confidentiality. No staff or affiliates of InterNich LLC and will ever access your transmitted images on our servers, unless otherwise required by law. Furthermore, our system automatically, without intervention, deletes all of your transmitted images (including original images and resized images) permanently from our servers approximately 20 minutes from the time of resizing. For performance tuning and future software/hardware upgrades, we may store unidentifiable image metadata such as metrics on popular image dimensions or file sizes in order to properly plan expected resource demands.

Technology does not require you to store cookies from our site on your computer, unless you specifically use the Remember My Settings feature which will only store your customizations as you specified. However, participating advertising networks such as Google, Inc., OpenX, or BuySellAds may store cookies on your computer to track technological information. This 3rd party cookie tracking does not contain personally identifiable data, and is also beyond our control. Please see respective 3rd party website to view their bounded Privacy Policies.

No Transfers

We will never sell, trade, barter, or transmit any of your uploaded images to anyone. Since we have a zero-tolerance spam policy and we do not have your e-mail address regardless, we will never send you any unsolicited e-mail.