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Predefined Dimensions for Resizing
Purpose: When linking to, instead of instructing your users to resize to a certain width or height, you can use a special link that has the width and/or height embedded. This will force predefined dimensions.

Usage 1: Use the link below to lock a resizing WIDTH and HEIGHT in pixels:
Example 1: Force all images resized through this link to become 200 x 400 pixels:

Use 2: You can also specify only the WIDTH or HEIGHT. The other dimension will auto scale:
Example 2: For all images resized through this link to become 300 pixels wide:
Example 3: Copy and paste the HTML code below to link to a predefined dimension of 200 by 100 pixels:
<a href="">
   Resize your picture at to 200x100 pixels</a>

Fetch Image from Remote URL
Purpose: You can pass a valid URL of an image directly to when linking to our web site. We will automatically fetch the image remotely and load the image in our editor.

Usage 1: Use the link below to remotely fetch an image using its URL:

Example 1: The link below will fetch 'internich-logo.png' from a remote server and load it in our editor:

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