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Enlarge image using PicResize AI

Pictures can be resized to double the size using deep learning artificial intelligence, resulting in near lossless upscaling.

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Enlarge photos with deep learning artificial intelligence to avoid pixelation

This feature is included in the pro version of PicResize. Sign up to enlarge images, add text, and go ad-free.

Enlarge image using PicResize AI
  1. 1
    Upload the picture you want to edit

    Click the 'Start Now' button below and choose an image from your device to upload.

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    Select your desired upscale size

    Choose to enlarge your photo 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x larger with lossless upscaling.

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    Save, download, and share your image

    You can optionally resize or add special effects. Download and save your image when done.

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